Founded in 1937 by a trio of Danes, Dinaco began as a commercial representative of foreign products in the Brazilian market. Over the years, the company has become recognized for its constant innovation and its role as a “market pioneer.” We pioneered the introduction of various products in the Brazilian market, such as PVC, nylon and cellulose acetate, as well as provided the necessary equipment for the implementation of national industries. From the 1960s, we expanded our operations, importing products from our principals for local resale, and acquired some companies from the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Following the opening of imports in the 1990s, we focused on the distribution of specialty chemicals. Today, we represent some of the most important manufacturers worldwide, supplying the Brazilian market with specialties for the personal care, household, casting and release, plastics, rubber, paints, varnishes, metalworking, surface treatment and oil & gas sectors.


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