Dinaco distributes the widest range of Sappi papers, providing better texture, softness and glossiness for synthetic laminate. In the Ultracast and Classic versions, the engravings are highly differentiated and can be applied in interiors of automobiles, furniture, shoes, bags, artifacts and clothing in general. They are widely used to transfer texture to decorative laminates found also in kitchens, bathrooms, floors and other decorative surfaces. Versatile, a Sappi release paper expands the range of design options for manufacturers from a wide range of industries.

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A Sappi está sempre investindo em desenvolvimento de novas texturas acompanhado as tendências de moda.

Ultracast Kiko
Ultracast Quest

Papéis com efeito holográfico para diversas aplicações.

Ultracast Adva Rainbow
Ultracast Adva Charm
Ultracast Adva Quest
Ultracast Adva Carnivale

Papéis com  texturas de superfície macias, flexíveis e aveludadas.

Ultracast  Mokka F
Ultracast  Espresso
Ultracast  Frisco
Ultracast  Cabo
Ultracast Boca
Ultracast Nevada
Ultracast Dover
Ultracast  Cruz
Ultracast Durango
Ultracast Fine Bone
Ultracast Reno
Ultracast Kiko

Papéis com brilho elegante e suave.

Ultracast Essenza
Ultracast Carrara
Ultracast Spring
Ultracast Opal
Ultracast Patina
Ultracast Mirage
Ultracast Bright Seta
Ultracast Patent
Ultracast Soave G2