Rubens Medrano

President of the Brazilian Association of Chemical Products Distributors

Achieving the goal of 80 years in activity in Brazil is worthy of record and praise. (…) Dinaco holds a leading position within the sector and is an example to be followed, whether due to its financial solidity or to its corporate governance and ethics. From the top
 of its 80 years of experience, Dinaco shows that its longevity is the result
of hard work and staidness, as well as always paying attention to market changes.

Wagner Sá

VP Lubrizol Latin America

Our conversations were always very open and respectful, even in those rare moments when we exchanged diver- gent opinions. We are always looking for a long-term partnership, with higher ethical values than those currently in the market. Consequently, I can say that we have much more than a distribution and representation relationship. They are family.

Wayne Rau

CEO of Sappi Trading

A deep, structural and innovating change in technology is only one of the many challenges we face in the world today. Dinaco thrives in this competitive and dynamic environment by being innovative with customers and conservative with suppliers, providing a strong and sustainable platform for business growth and development. The relentless urge to fully understand the needs of your customers and add value makes them an effective and dependable supplier.

Steve Lowenstein e David Lowenstein

Respectively, Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons Chairman and President

For over 17 years Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons in New York has benefited from Dinaco’s superior understanding of the Brazilian specialty chemicals market. Their unique combination of marketing, chemical, logistics and sales expertise, plus the professionalism and clear communication that accompanies everything they do, has made them the ultimate business partner for Lowenstein.

Sérgio Zegaib

Honeywell’s Manager in Brazil and Latin America

Pioneering is a very strong feature of Dinaco. The company was responsible for bringing polyethylene waxes to Brazil. The two companies have a long-standing relationship and Dinaco has always been active in the market opening doors for Honeywell products. Not to mention their staff, who know how to understand the needs of customers and present the right solution at the right time.

Fernando Scandoleira

Latin America Manager – Schulke

The partnership between Schulke and Dinaco has been going on for about 10 years. Along this period we have had very productive experiences in which Schulke, together with Dinaco, achieved significant prominence in Brazil, mainly in the Personal Care market.

One of the factors that contributed to this result is the commitment of one company to the other. Dinaco’s team makes us feel “at home”.

Damaris Reynoso

Commercial director at Novachem

We will always be grateful to Dinaco for opening its doors, trusting us and accepting the challenge of placing our products in Brazil, one of the most competitive and demanding markets in South America. (…) Without doubt, people come before business, it is people who make a company great. They are the most valuable asset of any corporation and a key element for the success of Dinaco.

Eduardo Loosli

VP Apprinova

We are with Dinaco because its principle is to value innovation, to make a difference, to look for alterna- tives. Not only for this, but also for its technical and financial capacity, tradition, credibility and solidity.

Elaine Scarelli

Regional Leader of the Home & Personal Care Industry – Dupont Latin America

Dinaco is among the leading chemical distributors in the country, with trained professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure, resources to invest
in communication and marketing initiatives, a great portfolio for the market, and a solid history of more than 80 years of tradition in this area.

Paulo Tsukamoto

Sales manager at Nagase

Besides being a solid and ethical company, Dinaco’s technical staff makes all the difference. We received a technician in our plant in Okayama, Japan, who passed on knowledge about our product line to the team of vendors and chemists in the laboratory when returning to Brazil. Dinaco does not sell just our products. It provides after-sales support, innovative ideas, and solutions to customers. And this makes all the difference.

Patrícia Ajeje

Executive Business Manager at Elkem

The partnership between Elkem Silicones and Dinaco began more than 10 years ago and has been strengthening every year. I was always very impressed by the professionalism of the company, which was the differential for sustainable growth of our business. We believe that trust and transparency are the basis for a lasting partnership and we hope to continue to build on this partnership in the coming years. We are very proud to be part of Dinaco’s story!